We’re in!

A lot has happened between Monday, when we got our keys and now, just 5 days later! This house is a “downsize” for us. Our previous home was beautiful…and WAY too big! We lived there for 2 years when we realized we wanted something small & cozy with an ocean view. My heart and soul NEED the ocean! Whenever I can see, touch, and smell the ocean I feel at home and so content. We’ve loved the Peggy’s Cove Road area for ages -whenever we took a drive, we ended up on this road dreaming of quaint, cute houses surrounded by water and nature. I learned other lessons from our first “big house” as well – I need a open concept. Our big house was a cape cod with a closed-in floor plan and I found it lonely. It’s just the two of us and our three dogs -we like to be all together when we cook & bake. Now, our kitchen and living room allow for that 🙂 The other thing we longed for was forest and trees, but not a lot of lawn to mow. This place checks that box, too! We have over an acre, but only a small patch of grass. Lots of trails and gardens and mulch are the PERFECT solution for a big property when you don’t want grass to mow! This is truly a beautiful and unique property. I took a couple of videos of our first few moments after we got our keys, and, I took a LOT of “before” shots, to compare with the “after” shots. I’ll share the before and after shots in future blogs as the rooms are completed. Can’t wait! 🙂

View from my favorite spot in the living room
View from my favorite spot in the living room

Today, it’s a gorgeous Saturday, May 2nd! Finally we have some sun, and the water view through the front window is a glorious navy blue. There are lots of sea birds, and I love watching them.This is a pic of my view today!

Finally, here are two videos of us in our first few moments at the house. One is just after getting our keys and the other is when we look around our main level for the first time. Enjoy!

❤ Terri