Arles cabinet & future endeavours!

Happy Wednesday! We’ve had a ton of snow here. It looks like a frozen snowglobe out my front window. Look closely & you’ll see the beautiful frozen cove. It’s our first winter in this house and I find it mesmerizing to watch the tide go in and out, effortlessly moving the ice.   

I have lots to share this week! 
I had my first ever feature on Instagram a week ago. Annie Sloan’s ChalkPaint showcased my Paris Grey dresser! I’m so thankful. The impact it had on my Insta-following was amazing! Thank you, Annie Sloan! It was super fun to get over 100 new notifications all at once! I loved it ❤️ 


The next fun thing is that I’m preparing to start attending markets as a Vendor! I’m thinking the Seaport Market at Pier 21, but I’m not totally sure yet. I would love to find a place I can call Home. I’ve been starting signs & other crafts that are signature Little Red Door style -that’s been fun to figure out, too- and I’m loving every mintute. I’m definitely a mixture of old antique & bright n’ cottagey. Here’s one sign I made from a reclaimed Antique table.  

Isn’t the texture ah-mazing? I used a thick layer of Old Ochre & a hair dryer to crackle it, and dark wax to age and settle in the cracks. I love it! The color of the word Groceries is in Olive -of course, all from the Annie Sloan collection. There will be a lot more where that came from 😊

This summer, I hope to spend a ton of time at our trailer in Shediac, NB. It’s so cozy. Here’s a look at our place and Parlee Beach, which is a 5 min walk away!  It’s so gorgeous there. 

Our summer get-away

Look at that sunset!
On a bike ride
Sunset walk with little Clover
After the rain, over the beach

You can see why I love it there! Shediac has a thriving summer population & tons of cottages. There’s a Sunday market that I’m thinking will be perfect for me to set up a Little Red Door booth every Sunday. I’ve started on nautical-themed projects that I can transport to NB. No big furniture for practical reasons; I’m thinking signs, paddles, stools & small tables will be the focus. The plan is to finish a TON over the next few months and start transporting things to Shediac at the end of May, when the campground opens. I have one thing started, here’s a look at it “in progress” Fun stuff!   


And now, an Arles dresser! Now that it’s done it has a definite Lunenberg feel. Bright colors & chippy, distressed paint.

Here’s what it looked like before with my antique tool box on top. It’s solid wood, and I got it from a girl in Clayton Park who totally forgot I was coming and so wasn’t home; thankfully her roommate still answered the door, lol.   

 I did a base coat in Napoleonic blue, thinking at first I would go in another direction.   

I didn’t love it, so I messaged a talented friend of mine & asked for her opinion. I had this amazing hand painted hardware from Mahone Bay  (an awesome Christmas present from my Mom) that I was set on using. Suzanne & I decided a mustard yellow would compliment the hardware much better. Thanks Suzanne! 😊  

Ahh, much better. 

I added Old White & Old Ochre to the base color of Arles to get this custom color. The top shows the blend of colors.    


Once it was done, I was excited to let the Napoleonic Blue show through on distressing. This color pairs so well with the deep blue, to my eye.  

And, here’s the final look!

 This happy cabinet was scooped up pretty quick. 

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See you next time,



A blue dresser & a milestone moment ❤️

Happy Wednesday, friends in reader land! Thanks for stopping by. I love being part of the Blogging community. I read my fav blogs over my coffee in the morning,  (side note: that’s also when I peruse Kijiji -our version of Craigslist for non-Kijiji peeps) and I’m most attracted to Blogs that add value, are authentic, and share a bit of an inside scoop -I find it interesting to hear what other people are up to. I know that I won’t read and follow just any ol’ blog and I imagine you wouldn’t, either. So…it means a lot to have you here reading along ❤️ 

This week has been awesome for lots of reasons. First, I learned I can draw birds free hand on the first try (yay! I love birds). It’s good news because I’m not a huge fan of stencils and seriously you have no idea how non-artsy I was until 5 months ago, lol. Anyway, these are on a hutch I’m currently working on, which if it turns out, I’ll feature in an upcoming post.   

Another reason for the awesome week is our three day trip to Yarmouth. We went to visit my future in-laws. Yarmouth is a goldmine of antiques. Many warehouses are stuffed to the brim with treasures that (my) dreams are made of. We went to my favourite, the Antique Picker Yarmouth (did you know they were featured on the show Canadian Pickers? True story!) and the owner, Howard Benham is SO fantastic to deal with. The reality of having an upcycling business like mine is that I’m looking for things that are gems disguised as almostgarbage. Diamonds that are roughed up. I need a great price, and painting has to add value to it. So, I’m not looking for shiny, new, expensive, perfect condition pieces. It’s nice to have friends to help find these rough diamonds.  Howard was very helpful & we ended up coming home with a Maple piece that was missing hardware. Thank you, Howard! Here’s pics of his store front & my new treasure. I love the ornate keyholes.    


We also visited the Wooden Buoy which has a crazy cool exterior that just makes you want to go in


And, a little antique store that wasn’t much to look at, but looks can be deceiving! There was an attached warehouse literally brimming with gorgeous finds: 

 Including THIS magnificent creature, below. It’s really, really old & painted in milk paint (not new milk paint; milk paint from the times, & natural distressing, oh my!). When I’m rich & famous my house will have feature pieces like this. 

Also while in Yarmouth, my future father in law cut me wood that I’ll use in upcoming projects I have in mind. It’s drying out in my office & smells divine. Thanks, Austin! 

And now for the milestone 😊 A friend from Facebook contacted me and asked if I could reproduce the look she found on a Pinterest pic on her IKEA dresser that would be used for her son. That’s not the milestone; I’ve been lucky enough to have been asked before (thank you!) This is the photo she sent me:  

Me a couple months ago would have said a big, fat ‘no.’ Not because I wouldn’t have wanted to -I love that dresser, and saying “yes” to stuff- but because I would have been waaay too scared to screw up her dresser. But now. Well, now I knew instantly I could do itI didn’t even need to see how the original pinner did it -I totally knew how I would do it!!!! In fact, I was excited, not scared! That’s the milestone! I said YES! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!! It opens up a whole new world AND it’s a measure of how far I’ve come. I know my paints, I know my techniques, and I know I’m good. That, my friends, is called confidence! A reason to be grateful 😊

 I went & picked up her dresser and got started.

Here is her dresser before: 

 I gave it a quick sanding, removed the hardware and painted a base coat in Louis Blue.   

Then, once completely dry, I did a coat of Greek Blue working in sections. While the section of Greek Blue was still wet, I took a separate brush and strategically painted Napoleonic Blue in spots & blended. While still wet again, I took a rag and wiped back spots to reveal the original Louis Blue color. The effect was gorgeous and produced deep, rich color, like an ocean in winter. I have no pictures of that actual process because I had to work pretty fast.  But here it is still wet. 


I reattached the original hardware. I cleaned it and added a touch of graphite to deepen the color. If the client had wanted the black hardware decals like the Pinterest photo, I would have painted the hardware Greek Blue & added those decals in black to the bottom two drawers. She didn’t, so I left the hardware black.   

I gave this piece two solid coats of wax and didn’t distress, to achieve the same look as the Pinterest pic. I buffed this piece a LOT. 

In the end, I loved it & so did she. Now, here’s hoping the snow stops so I can deliver it back to her house. 

Thanks for stopping by! See you next time 😊

Terri XO

A Blue Side Table & Being Myself!


Happy Tuesday! I have a furniture makeover & a story to share today. 

So, I visited my best friend yesterday for a good ol’ cuppa & some home made apple crisp (Thanks, Shannon, it was divine!). While chatting, she told me a story about her small daughter that I found quite profound. When Natalie was about 4 years old, my friend asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up. Her daughter’s answer: “I just want to be myself, mommy!” 

I’ve been thinking about her answer ever since. It’s wise. I think that (well, I know) that once we work up the courage to drop the ego act and actually just be ourselves, exactly as we are, the magic happens! It’s the key that unlocks our greatness and all the biggies that life has to offer -abundance, happiness, compassion for others, peace. 

From the minute I mustered up the nerve to go for it with The Little Red Door, I’ve been working on being just that: me…just me. My ideas, my talent, my business sense, my inner genius. Truth? It’s hard! And it’s a journey. ‘Lotta self doubt & insecurities to overcome.

But -and this is a pivotal ‘but’ with a capital B- as I chase my dreams, I’m learning the only way anything works is if I’m authentic. The furniture that is most loved & the posts that are the most read are the ones when I’m being the most me.  Not when I try and emulate this much cooler & smarter person’s blog topic or tone -mine. 😊. 

So, here’s a side table that’s all mine. It has color & hand painted original design. Not everyone loves color or hand painted whimsy -but I sure do! I love color. One of my fav Instgram follows is The Handmade Home –love it. It’s a break from all the white on white (which I also love, btw). Miss Mustard Seed is another favourite of mine -oh how I love her! This table is for sure influenced by Miss Mustard Seed & my love of vibrant color. 


   I picked this beauty up from a couple in Eastern Passage. I think they replaced the hardware. It’s an older vintage piece, but I don’t think it’s antique.  I gave it a base coat of Louis Blue from my favorite paint line, the Annie Sloan collection.  

I finished with a coat of Aubusson blue, and blended Napoleonic blue into the still wet Aubusson.

  I chalked in a design, free hand, & painted it in.  I love the perfect imperfections. My favorite look. 

I sprayed the hardware a bright brassy color, which looks awesome against the vibrant blue.  

I waxed & distressed it to show the light Louis Blue underneath. I wanted a farm house finish, so I distressed the edges, too. 

Voilà ! I love it. This one, I would keep if I had the space ❤️    

See you next time!

Terri XO (aka me) 😊

What curve ball?! Bring on 2016!

Happy New Year! Here’s hoping you rang in 2016 exactly how you wanted to, whether at home in your cozies with your loves & some good food (like I did), or out partying with your besties -I hope it was everything you wanted it to be! 

The end of one year and the start of another, for me, is a time to reflect… I’ve got my new journal, a nice flowy pen, new jammies on, a cuppa tea, my dogs all around me, blanket on my lap…and then I ask myself: What happened in 2015 and what do I want to happen in 2016? I wrote a lot. Lol. 

For the first time in my life, I have no idea what’s next. 2015 threw me a few curve balls and my typically planned and risk-less life is, well, not predictable at the moment. It is, however, EXCITING!

You see, the scariest thing that happened in 2015 is that I lost my position at work. It was temporary leading to full time permanent, and I had been doing the role for 2 years. The job got posted and, simply put, I didn’t get it. Someone with more seniority got it and I got bumped to casual. I had risked it all for that job … I left my other full time permanent job to pursue my true nursing passion, knowing that when I give something “my all it always works out. I’m a high achiever, my resume rocks, I’m great at what I do because I love it so much and plus …I work really, really hard! So, when it didn’t turn out I was shocked and devastated. Why? Omg, we just bought a house…what will we do? Should I give up and move on or stay put and try again next time? I spent 4 years preparing for THIS job; I don’t want to move on! But I need steady income! WTF? Seriously…WTF?

Naturally, I did not give up. I decided to stay put on a casual basis. Scary choice because the money wouldn’t be predictable, but I had faith that I didn’t put all my eggs in this basket just to fail in the end. The universe just doesn’t work like that! I believed that if life threw me a curve ball, there was a reason for it -a good and favourable reason. So, I made the best of it & enjoyed a practically work-free summer at our cottage in Shediac, but to be honest the worry crept in at night. Money was tight. I would lay awake wondering why?…what’s meant to be next, if not that?

One day while at home, I had a lightbulb moment: Now’s the time to do something you’ve always wanted to try -you have the time. Ok, what other things have I always wanted? I want to be Sarah Richardson…the best designer ever! Lol. I’ve often said I totally missed my calling as a designer because I’m literally obsessed with design and all things Sarah & Tommy. K, back to my lightbulb moment: So, obvs, I can’t be Sarah or Tommy but I CAN re-design furniture the way I want to. So, I picked up a paintbrush and a can of paint for the first time in my whole life.

 And I turned this:   

In to this:

 And….holy crap. Love! Truthfully, I’d never felt so freaking fantastic and overjoyed as I did while painting this relatively boring bench! I vibrated for days. It’s like there was a symphony of music playing all the time and I had found a happy drug. I bounced out of bed in the mornings and planned and learned and planned and learned some more. I couldn’t wait to do the next thing, which was this:  And, then the next:  And the next:  

How was I even doing this? I was floored with this hidden talent. I learned I could take a vision in my minds eye and realize it …easily. And, it makes me feel totally in my groove as a human being. To make it even better -people were buying my stuff!! Grateful doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt.

And so began The Little Red Door. 

So, my friends. Here we are. Over 17 re-finished pieces and 5 months later and I feel more on fire than ever! My skills are growing to new heights, my photography & styling skills are improving, I’m nearing 500 Likes on Facebook, and I have a list of requests from followers stuck up on my bulliten board. I learn new things every day. I’m happier than ever and so super-duper-over-the-moon-excited to say that I’m planning big things for The Little Red Door in 2016! More on that in future blogs 😊   

If you’d like to sign up to follow my blog, I would LOVE that! 2016 will be filled with giveaways for my followers and lots & lots of awesome furniture makeovers, and I’ll keep it real with posts about how my little business is unfolding. I have this awesome feeling there are lots of milestones to come!

To finish off this New Years Blog, I’d like to say to you lovelies out there in readerville land: if life has thrown you a curve ball and things seem uncertain, have faith that the universe is working for you, and not against you. Go with the flow. Be thankful. Stay grateful. Embrace the journey. 

Thank you so much for reading. I truly appreciate you!

Happy 2016 & see you next time,

Terri XO