What curve ball?! Bring on 2016!

Happy New Year! Here’s hoping you rang in 2016 exactly how you wanted to, whether at home in your cozies with your loves & some good food (like I did), or out partying with your besties -I hope it was everything you wanted it to be! 

The end of one year and the start of another, for me, is a time to reflect… I’ve got my new journal, a nice flowy pen, new jammies on, a cuppa tea, my dogs all around me, blanket on my lap…and then I ask myself: What happened in 2015 and what do I want to happen in 2016? I wrote a lot. Lol. 

For the first time in my life, I have no idea what’s next. 2015 threw me a few curve balls and my typically planned and risk-less life is, well, not predictable at the moment. It is, however, EXCITING!

You see, the scariest thing that happened in 2015 is that I lost my position at work. It was temporary leading to full time permanent, and I had been doing the role for 2 years. The job got posted and, simply put, I didn’t get it. Someone with more seniority got it and I got bumped to casual. I had risked it all for that job … I left my other full time permanent job to pursue my true nursing passion, knowing that when I give something “my all it always works out. I’m a high achiever, my resume rocks, I’m great at what I do because I love it so much and plus …I work really, really hard! So, when it didn’t turn out I was shocked and devastated. Why? Omg, we just bought a house…what will we do? Should I give up and move on or stay put and try again next time? I spent 4 years preparing for THIS job; I don’t want to move on! But I need steady income! WTF? Seriously…WTF?

Naturally, I did not give up. I decided to stay put on a casual basis. Scary choice because the money wouldn’t be predictable, but I had faith that I didn’t put all my eggs in this basket just to fail in the end. The universe just doesn’t work like that! I believed that if life threw me a curve ball, there was a reason for it -a good and favourable reason. So, I made the best of it & enjoyed a practically work-free summer at our cottage in Shediac, but to be honest the worry crept in at night. Money was tight. I would lay awake wondering why?…what’s meant to be next, if not that?

One day while at home, I had a lightbulb moment: Now’s the time to do something you’ve always wanted to try -you have the time. Ok, what other things have I always wanted? I want to be Sarah Richardson…the best designer ever! Lol. I’ve often said I totally missed my calling as a designer because I’m literally obsessed with design and all things Sarah & Tommy. K, back to my lightbulb moment: So, obvs, I can’t be Sarah or Tommy but I CAN re-design furniture the way I want to. So, I picked up a paintbrush and a can of paint for the first time in my whole life.

 And I turned this:   

In to this:

 And….holy crap. Love! Truthfully, I’d never felt so freaking fantastic and overjoyed as I did while painting this relatively boring bench! I vibrated for days. It’s like there was a symphony of music playing all the time and I had found a happy drug. I bounced out of bed in the mornings and planned and learned and planned and learned some more. I couldn’t wait to do the next thing, which was this:  And, then the next:  And the next:  

How was I even doing this? I was floored with this hidden talent. I learned I could take a vision in my minds eye and realize it …easily. And, it makes me feel totally in my groove as a human being. To make it even better -people were buying my stuff! Ah.maz.ing! Grateful doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt.

And so began The Little Red Door. 

So, my friends. Here we are. Over 17 re-finished pieces and 5 months later and I feel more on fire than ever! My skills are growing to new heights, my photography & styling skills are improving, I’m nearing 500 Likes on Facebook, and I have a list of requests from followers stuck up on my bulliten board. I learn new things every day. I’m happier than ever and so super-duper-over-the-moon-excited to say that I’m planning big things for The Little Red Door in 2016! More on that in future blogs 😊   

If you’d like to sign up to follow my blog, I would LOVE that! 2016 will be filled with giveaways for my followers and lots & lots of awesome furniture makeovers, and I’ll keep it real with posts about how my little business is unfolding. I have this awesome feeling there are lots of milestones to come!

To finish off this New Years Blog, I’d like to say to you lovelies out there in readerville land: if life has thrown you a curve ball and things seem uncertain, have faith that the universe is working for you, and not against you. Go with the flow. Be thankful. Stay grateful. Embrace the journey. 

Thank you so much for reading. I truly appreciate you!

Happy 2016 & see you next time,

Terri XO


4 thoughts on “What curve ball?! Bring on 2016!

  1. A very nice New years blog. My little sign turned out pretty good in the picture – love the love captured in the heart – only for you! – xo

    Mom xo



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