A Blue Side Table & Being Myself!


Happy Tuesday! I have a furniture makeover & a story to share today. 

So, I visited my best friend yesterday for a good ol’ cuppa & some home made apple crisp (Thanks, Shannon, it was divine!). While chatting, she told me a story about her small daughter that I found quite profound. When Natalie was about 4 years old, my friend asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up. Her daughter’s answer: “I just want to be myself, mommy!” 

I’ve been thinking about her answer ever since. It’s wise. I think that (well, I know) that once we work up the courage to drop the ego act and actually just be ourselves, exactly as we are, the magic happens! It’s the key that unlocks our greatness and all the biggies that life has to offer -abundance, happiness, compassion for others, peace. 

From the minute I mustered up the nerve to go for it with The Little Red Door, I’ve been working on being just that: me…just me. My ideas, my talent, my business sense, my inner genius. Truth? It’s hard! And it’s a journey. ‘Lotta self doubt & insecurities to overcome.

But -and this is a pivotal ‘but’ with a capital B- as I chase my dreams, I’m learning the only way anything works is if I’m authentic. The furniture that is most loved & the posts that are the most read are the ones when I’m being the most me.  Not when I try and emulate this much cooler & smarter person’s blog topic or tone -mine. 😊. 

So, here’s a side table that’s all mine. It has color & hand painted original design. Not everyone loves color or hand painted whimsy -but I sure do! I love color. One of my fav Instgram follows is The Handmade Home –love it. It’s a break from all the white on white (which I also love, btw). Miss Mustard Seed is another favourite of mine -oh how I love her! This table is for sure influenced by Miss Mustard Seed & my love of vibrant color. 


   I picked this beauty up from a couple in Eastern Passage. I think they replaced the hardware. It’s an older vintage piece, but I don’t think it’s antique.  I gave it a base coat of Louis Blue from my favorite paint line, the Annie Sloan collection.  

I finished with a coat of Aubusson blue, and blended Napoleonic blue into the still wet Aubusson.

  I chalked in a design, free hand, & painted it in.  I love the perfect imperfections. My favorite look. 

I sprayed the hardware a bright brassy color, which looks awesome against the vibrant blue.  

I waxed & distressed it to show the light Louis Blue underneath. I wanted a farm house finish, so I distressed the edges, too. 

Voilà ! I love it. This one, I would keep if I had the space ❤️    

See you next time!

Terri XO (aka me) 😊


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