A blue dresser & a milestone moment ❤️

Happy Wednesday, friends in reader land! Thanks for stopping by. I love being part of the Blogging community. I read my fav blogs over my coffee in the morning,  (side note: that’s also when I peruse Kijiji -our version of Craigslist for non-Kijiji peeps) and I’m most attracted to Blogs that add value, are authentic, and share a bit of an inside scoop -I find it interesting to hear what other people are up to. I know that I won’t read and follow just any ol’ blog and I imagine you wouldn’t, either. So…it means a lot to have you here reading along ❤️ 

This week has been awesome for lots of reasons. First, I learned I can draw birds free hand on the first try (yay! I love birds). It’s good news because I’m not a huge fan of stencils and seriously you have no idea how non-artsy I was until 5 months ago, lol. Anyway, these are on a hutch I’m currently working on, which if it turns out, I’ll feature in an upcoming post.   

Another reason for the awesome week is our three day trip to Yarmouth. We went to visit my future in-laws. Yarmouth is a goldmine of antiques. Many warehouses are stuffed to the brim with treasures that (my) dreams are made of. We went to my favourite, the Antique Picker Yarmouth (did you know they were featured on the show Canadian Pickers? True story!) and the owner, Howard Benham is SO fantastic to deal with. The reality of having an upcycling business like mine is that I’m looking for things that are gems disguised as almostgarbage. Diamonds that are roughed up. I need a great price, and painting has to add value to it. So, I’m not looking for shiny, new, expensive, perfect condition pieces. It’s nice to have friends to help find these rough diamonds.  Howard was very helpful & we ended up coming home with a Maple piece that was missing hardware. Thank you, Howard! Here’s pics of his store front & my new treasure. I love the ornate keyholes.    


We also visited the Wooden Buoy which has a crazy cool exterior that just makes you want to go in


And, a little antique store that wasn’t much to look at, but looks can be deceiving! There was an attached warehouse literally brimming with gorgeous finds: 

 Including THIS magnificent creature, below. It’s really, really old & painted in milk paint (not new milk paint; milk paint from the times, & natural distressing, oh my!). When I’m rich & famous my house will have feature pieces like this. 

Also while in Yarmouth, my future father in law cut me wood that I’ll use in upcoming projects I have in mind. It’s drying out in my office & smells divine. Thanks, Austin! 

And now for the milestone 😊 A friend from Facebook contacted me and asked if I could reproduce the look she found on a Pinterest pic on her IKEA dresser that would be used for her son. That’s not the milestone; I’ve been lucky enough to have been asked before (thank you!) This is the photo she sent me:  

Me a couple months ago would have said a big, fat ‘no.’ Not because I wouldn’t have wanted to -I love that dresser, and saying “yes” to stuff- but because I would have been waaay too scared to screw up her dresser. But now. Well, now I knew instantly I could do itI didn’t even need to see how the original pinner did it -I totally knew how I would do it!!!! In fact, I was excited, not scared! That’s the milestone! I said YES! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!! It opens up a whole new world AND it’s a measure of how far I’ve come. I know my paints, I know my techniques, and I know I’m good. That, my friends, is called confidence! A reason to be grateful 😊

 I went & picked up her dresser and got started.

Here is her dresser before: 

 I gave it a quick sanding, removed the hardware and painted a base coat in Louis Blue.   

Then, once completely dry, I did a coat of Greek Blue working in sections. While the section of Greek Blue was still wet, I took a separate brush and strategically painted Napoleonic Blue in spots & blended. While still wet again, I took a rag and wiped back spots to reveal the original Louis Blue color. The effect was gorgeous and produced deep, rich color, like an ocean in winter. I have no pictures of that actual process because I had to work pretty fast.  But here it is still wet. 


I reattached the original hardware. I cleaned it and added a touch of graphite to deepen the color. If the client had wanted the black hardware decals like the Pinterest photo, I would have painted the hardware Greek Blue & added those decals in black to the bottom two drawers. She didn’t, so I left the hardware black.   

I gave this piece two solid coats of wax and didn’t distress, to achieve the same look as the Pinterest pic. I buffed this piece a LOT. 

In the end, I loved it & so did she. Now, here’s hoping the snow stops so I can deliver it back to her house. 

Thanks for stopping by! See you next time 😊

Terri XO


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