Arles cabinet & future endeavours!

Happy Wednesday! We’ve had a ton of snow here. It looks like a frozen snowglobe out my front window. Look closely & you’ll see the beautiful frozen cove. It’s our first winter in this house and I find it mesmerizing to watch the tide go in and out, effortlessly moving the ice.   

I have lots to share this week! 
I had my first ever feature on Instagram a week ago. Annie Sloan’s ChalkPaint showcased my Paris Grey dresser! I’m so thankful. The impact it had on my Insta-following was amazing! Thank you, Annie Sloan! It was super fun to get over 100 new notifications all at once! I loved it ❤️ 


The next fun thing is that I’m preparing to start attending markets as a Vendor! I’m thinking the Seaport Market at Pier 21, but I’m not totally sure yet. I would love to find a place I can call Home. I’ve been starting signs & other crafts that are signature Little Red Door style -that’s been fun to figure out, too- and I’m loving every mintute. I’m definitely a mixture of old antique & bright n’ cottagey. Here’s one sign I made from a reclaimed Antique table.  

Isn’t the texture ah-mazing? I used a thick layer of Old Ochre & a hair dryer to crackle it, and dark wax to age and settle in the cracks. I love it! The color of the word Groceries is in Olive -of course, all from the Annie Sloan collection. There will be a lot more where that came from 😊

This summer, I hope to spend a ton of time at our trailer in Shediac, NB. It’s so cozy. Here’s a look at our place and Parlee Beach, which is a 5 min walk away!  It’s so gorgeous there. 

Our summer get-away

Look at that sunset!
On a bike ride
Sunset walk with little Clover
After the rain, over the beach

You can see why I love it there! Shediac has a thriving summer population & tons of cottages. There’s a Sunday market that I’m thinking will be perfect for me to set up a Little Red Door booth every Sunday. I’ve started on nautical-themed projects that I can transport to NB. No big furniture for practical reasons; I’m thinking signs, paddles, stools & small tables will be the focus. The plan is to finish a TON over the next few months and start transporting things to Shediac at the end of May, when the campground opens. I have one thing started, here’s a look at it “in progress” Fun stuff!   


And now, an Arles dresser! Now that it’s done it has a definite Lunenberg feel. Bright colors & chippy, distressed paint.

Here’s what it looked like before with my antique tool box on top. It’s solid wood, and I got it from a girl in Clayton Park who totally forgot I was coming and so wasn’t home; thankfully her roommate still answered the door, lol.   

 I did a base coat in Napoleonic blue, thinking at first I would go in another direction.   

I didn’t love it, so I messaged a talented friend of mine & asked for her opinion. I had this amazing hand painted hardware from Mahone Bay  (an awesome Christmas present from my Mom) that I was set on using. Suzanne & I decided a mustard yellow would compliment the hardware much better. Thanks Suzanne! 😊  

Ahh, much better. 

I added Old White & Old Ochre to the base color of Arles to get this custom color. The top shows the blend of colors.    


Once it was done, I was excited to let the Napoleonic Blue show through on distressing. This color pairs so well with the deep blue, to my eye.  

And, here’s the final look!

 This happy cabinet was scooped up pretty quick. 

Thank you for stopping by! Please consider following & sharing, if you liked it ❤️ 
See you next time,



2 thoughts on “Arles cabinet & future endeavours!

  1. Love the signs and sure will be picking one up from you before you head to Shediac. The dressers are always magnificent. You have a real eye for this work. I think you found your niche! xo


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