Antique maple chest & …a retail space??!!!!!


Hello, happy Sunday! It’s gloriously sunny here after a snowstorm yesterday. The Saturday snow was a good excuse to stay home and curl up with my Harry Potter book, drink lots of tea & relax!

I’ve finished only two projects & a sign (for my Uncle’s new business) over the past month because I’ve been busy working at the hospital & helping out at a friend’s store temporarily while she’s away. My head has been bursting with new furniture makeover ideas & I’m itching to get back to my studio full-time. I’m dying to go antiquing, too 😊 

I finally finished the sweet antique maple chest I picked up from Howard at Antique Picker’s Yarmouth. Here it is before, hardware-less and a coat of pretty blue/grey paint already on the frame:  I left it in my work room for a while to look at because I couldn’t immediately think of what to do with it. I love the ornate keyholes and I found it was a peaceful looking chest…that’s why when my friend Annette sent me this photo of a dresser she found at Homesense I was inspired. I loved it, and I thought something like it would suit the chest ❤️   

Annette’s photo, taken at Homesense

I painted the frame in Pure White from the Annie Sloan line, filled in old hardware holes, drilled new holes & printed out positive, peaceful words that appealed to me.  

Then I white-washed the drawers & transferred the words.   

I painted the words in Graphite & softened them by sanding over with a high-grit sponge. I highlighted the keyholes with gold rub & wax.   

I stained the top a darker color for contrast.   

I added reclaimed antique hardware that originally belonged to the Elm Dresser I made over at Christmas. 

I gave the chest an overall sanding and it distressed beautifully, as is the case with Annie Sloan’s paint line. 

Distressing, up close look

I’ll post it for sale later today 😊

And now on to some exciting news: I have a meeting on March 17th to discuss the possibility of a retail location for The Little Red Door!  What an adventure this is turning out to be!!! Having a retail location would be a HUGE step & a dream of mine. I have no idea what will come out of this meeting, but it’s centred around the financial particulars & startup considerations. It’s the beginning of an exploration of options. What I know for sure is that I’m really, really happy and I want to share my passion with everyone. I have a big vision. 

I’ll take you on the journey every step of the way! 

Next up, I’ll share the Paloma dresser I’ve done. I just need to photograph it. Here’s a sneak peek!  

Thanks for stopping by!

See you next time 😘 

Terri XO


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