Country Gray Dresser & a new development to share❤️

Spring has Sprung! Today was awesome & we got out biking with the dog. It felt amazing to exercise in the fresh air & take in the sun for longer than 2 minutes. Ahhhhhhhhh, I’m feeling so refreshed!

This week’s makeover is light & airy like Spring. Many thanks to my buddy James, who sent me a message saying he was getting rid of some stuff and did I want this dresser? Um, yes! Right up my alley! Love at first sight. Thank you, James 😊

This diamond in the rough needed a lot of work actually. The veneer was peeling & chipped, it was stained from being put to good use over the years & some of the drawer joints needed to be shored up. 

This was my first time removing veneer, and what a MESS. Goggles required!

I am sooooo self-taught, so I just did what felt right & took a flat thingie (for putty?) & my hammer and went to it. Fellow DIY pals on my Facebook page sent me a muuuuch easier way to remove the veneer, so next time I’ll get an old iron & use a wet towel as per the YouTube video. Speaking of my fellow DIY buddies, check out The Blue Dresser to give yourself a treat! I’m SUCH a fan of her work. She uses Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint a lot, and her stuff is dreamy!

So, I pulled out my Annie Sloan paint & started this beauty off with a mild sanding and coat of Country Gray. While the second coat was still wet, I pulled through ribbons of French Linen & blended them to my taste. I painted the front feet in French Linen, too. It looked like this:

A little too harsh, but that’s ok, I had a plan 😉 The final step was a white wash for beachy glamour. 

I reused the knobs because they were high quality & nice. I rarely reuse the hardware! What a treat!

Didn’t the top turn out lovely? I gouged it here & there, yes. I left it natural & protected it with MMS Hemp Oil. Gorgeous, even with the rough patches (which I like, actually). 

I staged this in my living room in the sun because the lighting really showed the colors well ❤️

It looks so good there that I might just keep it! As such, I haven’t posted it for sale just yet 😊 

Sooooo -boy do I have lots going on! I have lots of stuff in my shop and a lengthy list of client requests that makes me super happy every time I look at it. I’ve been exploring a retail space and nothing feels right just yet…one of my dreams is to have a place where I sell Annie’s paint, host workshops, sell Antiques, and my own & other’s DIY furniture, too! 

New development: A YouTube channel for The Little Red Door is in the works! Ever since my work was featured by ChalkPaint & The Graphics Fairy, I get lots of requests for tutorials & how-to paint techniques from around the world (which is totally cool, by the way!) and this seems like a fun thing to add to my creative plate. THANKS for asking!!! Feel free to leave suggestions and requests for what you’d like to see in the commenyts or on My Facebook page😊

Thanks for stopping by. I love what I do, and I love sharing it with you! ❤️

XO Terri