Sweet Duck Egg Blue Side Table & a What’s Up!

Happy August! I’ve been loving every sweet, sunny beautiful day this summer has offered so far & I hope you have, too!

I’ve been on a mini-break from painting due to the high heat & my workspace being upstairs where it’s the most hot; I’ve been passionate in spirit, though…my Pinterest boards are full of ideas and can’t-wait-to-try’s and I’ve picked up a few new pieces to re-do. That’s the thing about passion, it’s in you no matter what ❤️

I’ve been filling my time finishing up the rooms in our home & doing small projects. We moved in about a year ago (you can view that post here) and I’ve been fussily decorating since. I re-did an antique mirror frame for our bathroom. I’m in l-o-v-e with it:

The texture is amazing! I used a single coat of Antibes Green & then sanded down with a really high grit sand paper to reveal the original stain underneath. Sorry the photos aren’t better -in a later blog I’ll do a room-by-room home tour 😊

I also redid this little milking stool. I was really dark & drab until I gave it a wash in Pure White: 

Super cute now, I think!

And, now on to the little side table. It arrived in my workshop ages ago! Its antique & came from a lovely older couple in Dartmouth who were moving and down-sizing. For the life of me, I could not get it painted the way I liked it. It’s been painted green, white, two different blues, red, and back to green. Nothing suited my eye. I put it away, and pulled it out recently on a hot day in July when I reallllly wanted to paint but it was too hot to do anything big. 
I’d been lusting after a Duck Egg Blue painted dresser I saw on Pinterest & had wanted to use that color in combination with Emperors Silk Red for ages. I love Annie Sloan paint, and I’m forever making up color combinations in my head. 

Here’s a photo of the side table in its original condition & one after sanding off the umteenth color (green) so I could start over yet again…

…Two coats of duck egg blue and a hand painted original design on three sides of the table later, and I was ready to give the whole thing a whitewash in Pure White by Annie Sloan. 

My favourite thing -5 Stars- is hand painting designs on furniture *sigh* …I’m in heaven!

It’s funny, the times I just relax & go with my gut always seem to work out best. I wasn’t trying to please anyone, or use colors I thought others might like; I simply choose colors I loved & did my thing! Here are photos of the top so you can see the white-wash effect:

Before I white-washed, I used a high grit sandpaper to add wear & fading to the red design I painted on. It made it really pretty, like faded material. 

I added a knob from Pier 1 Imports and a basket from Wicker Emporium to complete the look!

This little gem was staged for photographs in our bedroom, and she’s a keeper. Fits perfectly with the red theme I’ve got going on in there, plus my other half just so happens to need a side table 😉 

So happy you stopped by! See you next time!


Terri xo