Paris Grey Dresser & a flattering mention :)

Hi there and hello! Don’t you love this dresser? I couldn’t wait to share it! Annie Sloan paint has THE.BEST. colours and every time I’m finished a makeover I’m in deep ❤️❤️❤️❤️!

This little baby has been in my studio for ages. Here’s how she looked on arrival:

Excellent bones and solid wood. I was so excited to update this beauty! Here’s how it looked in between then and now…I started on a different path using Duck Egg Blue & Pure White: 

I wasn’t feeling it! After this stage I left it for a while because I knew I’d have to sand off the hand painted design & stain in order to re-paint so I was like….ugh 😉

Fast forward! The cutest little store opened in my neighbourhood called The Painted Attic and my talented painter-friend Kim over at The Blue Dresser kept posting adorable drawer-pulls she got from there. I fell in love with these knobs, and wanted to use them. 

(Side note: Molly, the owner of The Painted Attic, gave me amazing customer service. I went to get the knobs and they were out of stock (!!!) she ran around getting them off of display furniture in the store. Love that ❤️) 

I designed and painted the artwork on the dresser. Free-hand painting is my favourite thing to do, and I love how I feel when I’m being creative. Fun fact: Did you know I never painted a thing in my life until I picked up a paint brush and can of Annie Sloan paint on a whim? Follow your creative urges, you never know what talent is hidden inside! This time I left the top natural and protected it with MMS hemp oil.

The sides and frame are painted in two coats of Paris Grey 

The draws are painted in Old White with Paris Grey on the detail. 

I protected the whole thing in MMS Tough Coat Top Coat that I got from The Painted Attic. It was my first time using that product & it’s really tough! However, I found that it ever so slightly yellowed the Old White which wasn’t a problem on this particular dresser, but I found that disappointing nonetheless. Here’s a side-by-side of one with and one without the top coat. Can you spy the difference?

Well, loves, I got an exciting message about a week ago! The folks at Unfolded, distributors of the Annie Sloan paint line I use, got in contact and asked if they could feature this dresser (see blog post in the link) in some of their media! 

Whether they do or don’t in the end, it was incredibly flattering! I absolutely love -love!- painting furniture and Annie’s paints are so inspiring! Thanks for the acknowledgement, guys! XO 😘 

Oh yeah! I’m on Facebook HERE & Instagram @reddoorgirl if you’d like to follow my paint adventures as they happen ⭐️

Happy Thursday everyone!

XO Terri ❤️


6 thoughts on “Paris Grey Dresser & a flattering mention :)

  1. It’s Beautiful even tho I’m not a real fan of stenciled pieces. I do love ASCP & am getting ready to use it soon on some pieces here at home. . Thx for posting and Blessings 🙏🏻


  2. This turned out beautiful! We’re these the Martha Stewart stencils that I gave you for Christmas? You could make a dozen like it and they would sell quickly! Great job! Xo

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