Clay Earrings & Lots of Fun things!

Hello, hello!

Lots of fun things going on here at the Little Red Door. What started as a total drag has led to a very happy outcome. I’ll explain.

In May, we had to trade in our almost-new lemon of a car. We lost a LOT of money on it, and had to buy a much less expensive, much smaller car to make up for it. As a result … dun dun dun … I couldn’t fit my beloved antique furniture in the new car. It is way too small. Hence the big, long break of me posting. I’ve been restricted to making over smaller items, like washstands (one on the way, by the way!). And although I like the occasional washstand, I much prefer big, beautiful dressers as my canvas. So, the fun of it was lost.

But the need to be creative still burned inside of me. It’s a part of who I am now. So, one day, I pulled out watercolours and started to paint. Much like when I started furniture, I had zero practice painting. I was immediately enthralled by the beauty of the paint -mesmerized! Here are some of the things I painted:

In case you can’t tell, I’m obsessed with painting cactuses & succulents 🌵 I have so many paintings now!

The next thing I picked up -in lieu of not being able to paint furniture- is clay. It’s like, me and clay were separated at birth 🤞. It started as a desire to make a pretty bowl for my jewelry & a diffuser necklace. Once I bought my first 5 colours … I was enthralled. I realized I could make the kind of earrings I dream about. Let me tell you about me and earrings: I LOVE STUDS. They are the ONLY type of earring I like, and I rarely find ones I love. Back when I was painting furniture in Annie Sloan’s amazing colour palette, I was able to discover my style: bright, fun & nostalgic. A little bit of magic. A pop of colour. I love having an amazing, heartwarming pop of colour as an earring.

My earring designs are me all over, and I am in love.

Love. With the designing, with the hand-shaping. With the perfectly imperfect nature of clay. I lose time when I’m making, and I love each one like they’re my earring babies.

I absolutely adore the process. Each earring takes focus & care, and no two earrings are the same. Each design is inspired by something nostalgic to me. For example, the Peggys Cove Earrings evoke the same feeling I get when I walk the ocean lined village:

Or, my Public Garden earrings. Inspired by a dress I wore there as a little girl:

Then the ones inspired by the kaleidoscope I had as a kid:

Some, because I love the many colours of the ocean, which I see in all its glory & many shades from my living room window:

Some are just favourite colours:


When you love something T H I S M U C H it’s only natural to incorporate it into your life.

I’m taking these little pieces of Joy to several pop ups, trunk shows, Spring flings & markets. So far, I’ve got one Mothers Day Show booked for sure, and the rest are pending. I’ll keep you updated! I would love to see you in person at one of my events! 😘

Don’t worry if you can’t make it in person. These little bundles of joy will also be available to order ONLINE as well. Starting April 3rd, I’ll have a website up & running and I’ll be shipping all over Canada & internationally. So exciting ☺️

And now, for The Little Red Door’s new logo reveal! This is a hand painted original design by yours truly:

I’m so in love with it. Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

As always, lots of love to you,

Terri ❤️


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