Terri Buckland Creations & exciting adventures ❤️

Happy Saturday! It’s been a whirlwind 3 months. I’m excited to share the evolution of The Little Red Door, and a few exciting milestones ❤️

When I picked up a paint brush for the first time in 2015, it was an act of bravery. I had no idea if I could paint, and my main goal was to explore an urge I had to get back to myself and find a little fun. I discovered, to my surprise, not only talent but passion. Every aspect of it I loved … the feeling of the paintbrush in my hand, the way being creative transports me to the present moment; everything else falls away while I bring my vision to fruition. I come alive. All I wanted to do was paint. I dreamt of it, night and day. I still do!

I started out painting furniture. A hobby that gave me great pleasure. I started to make a little name for myself in the furniture artist world, and I was featured multiple times by Unfolded, the company that manufactures the Annie Sloan line of paint that I LOVE. A dresser was my favourite canvas, and I’m so inspired by nature that I often painted botanicals on the furniture. My favourite look is a strategic pop of color & pattern in a neutral setting. Here are a few of my creations from my furniture days:

I also started painting with watercolour & acrylics. My style is clear: fun, happy vibes. Color, but simple. Nature inspired. I am obsessed with succulents in real life, and that comes through when I paint. I also make all of my own greeting cards, as well as framing & painting my favourite quotes in my own hand writing. Here are a couple of the cards I made for my partner & a few succulents I painted:

A love for photography started to evolve as well. I’m a passionate Maritimer and my partner and I travel the maritimes loving local sights, food, art, and everything our dear little part of the country has to offer. I started photographing local scenery, and I have a separate Instagram feed @terribuckland that features my photos and my love for spiritual growth. This feed is another creative outlet for me. Here are a few of my favourite photographs I took at (in order of appearance) Parlee Beach, Queensland, LaHave & Bayswater:

When I picked up clay, it was pure love. I had just taken a walk in the village of Peggys Cove on a very cold day in January. When I came home, I opened my new clay and what came out was an earring that looked like an abstract representation of the little village. Next, a Cape Split inspired earring, then a LaHave inspired one. A couple of people loved the earrings, and asked if they could have a pair. I gave my first 10 or so pairs away for free. Before I knew it, within a day or two of sharing, I had 20+ requests for earrings. So I made a bigger batch, and they immediately sold out…with a waiting list for 20 or so more! The rest is history. Here are a few of my creations:

I launched my website in mid-May, which you can check out here, and registered my business as Terri Buckland Creations. I did my first market in April in Lawrencetown and it was a dream come true, as I had always wanted to do markets since I started being creative. I brought my mom because I was a little scared, my partner because I can do anything with her by my side, and my best friend came to visit because she is as solid as they come. I am truly blessed.

It is so important for me to create from a place of love and authenticity. My designs & creativity can not be forced. Working in Flow -from a God given place- is sacred, and I honour it by staying true to my own visions. I believe in doing the things I would do if no one was watching, only doing the things I would do if I wasn’t getting paid, and doing only the things that genuinely light me up. Fun & Joy. That’s my bottom line.

The growth that The Little Red Door has had is astonishing to me. I have so much love for the people who seem to love what I do as much as I do. From the bottom of my heart: Thank you, thank you, thank you! 💕

New Developments:

I found my first retail partner! Tooies in Yarmouth. It’s the dearest little place, you’ll have to visit! I’ll be stocking their shelves with The Little Red Door this week.

I’m headed to Berwick for The Seaglass Festival in July 21 & 22nd.

I’m participating in a fun event with a group of 9,000 (oh my goodness!) Mom’s in June -it’s like a groupon thing featuring The Little Red Door earrings. I am so flattered they asked me to participate in their “Buy.”

I applied for the Maritime Makers event in September. We’ll see if I get accepted!

Am I out of my comfort zone? You bet! I’ve never run a retail business, I have never thought of myself as an artist, and I’m learning SO MUCH and doing my very best. I’m also more excited, more fulfilled and more happy than I’ve ever been, too. My cup is full 💕☺️✨

Thank you, dear ones, for being on this journey with me. I am so proud to represent our community as a local entrepreneur and artist. Lots of love.

Terri 😘 XO


2 thoughts on “Terri Buckland Creations & exciting adventures ❤️

  1. Terri, congratulations on your successful business ventures.
    I believe we, as women, need to encourage one another in every thing. I consider myself an “Encourager”.
    I work in polymer clay, draw my own cards, paint furniture, make dolls, and do too many other things to mention.
    Your work is wonderful so create on. You’ll amaze yourself at what develops.
    My name is Jo Burrow and I am sending this message from Kernersville,North Carolina, USA.
    I wish you all the best and more.


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